I'm not silly, I'm just seriously impaired (relsqui) wrote in legendsofcosrin,
I'm not silly, I'm just seriously impaired

I get this surprisingly frequently. What I get for switching names so much.

MagusRaistlyn signed off at 3:16:56 AM.
MagusRaistlyn signed on at 3:18:19 AM.
Spirit Ethereal (3:18:25 AM): wubble
MagusRaistlyn (3:18:28 AM): you are lite aren't you?
Spirit Ethereal (3:18:33 AM): lite?
MagusRaistlyn (3:18:37 AM): ya. in game
Spirit Ethereal (3:18:40 AM): rofl. no.
MagusRaistlyn (3:18:44 AM): oh. never mind
MagusRaistlyn (3:18:44 AM): ta ta
Spirit Ethereal (3:18:47 AM): *grin*
MagusRaistlyn signed off at 3:18:49 AM.
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