Dee (deedala) wrote in legendsofcosrin,

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I love this new drag queen transvestite character ^_^

Raisin enters from the west
Raisin says 'Umm girl'
Raisin says 'You are still fine'
Raisin puts a hand on his/her hip and snaps her/his other hand back, clicking his/her fingers
Raisin asks 'Aint you ever..not pretty?'
You give a quick grin.

Theta says 'Nope.'
Novice walks in from the east
Theta says 'I rule like that.'
Raisin says 'I think it is that hair, it is so..lush'
Raisin nods towards you.
Raisin says 'Obviously darlin''
You give a quick grin.
Raisin says 'Sorry suga, i gotta go sit in the shrine, my feet are killin me'
Raisin gives a quick wave.
Raisin moves to the west
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