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Over a Snack Pack Pudding and Orange Juice.

As the chocolate was going to my head i decided to read some more into this community. I've read some posts and i must say for those who have posted actually did have good complaints. Now i cant say you all have but the majority.

While reading a post about under developed characters i came up with an idea. A survey form thingie people can fill out about their character. Their statistics, past and all sorts of questions. This way they can keep in line with their character and wont stray into cute kitten mode while being an evil warlock. I know its probably not the first time someone has come out with this but i haven't seen any around at all.

Take a breath with me, this might actually work. Let me give you an example.

For Character Not Your Real Self.
Reason For This Name:


Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Length Of Hair:
Body Build:
Skin Tone:
Marks on the body:

Then it would go into favorites, background, personality and so forth. For the whole survey when i'm finished i'll post it up. But what do you think?

Also someone should make a tutorial on how to RP. Maybe give some helpful tips on using emotes, how to go along with it, action sequences etc.. I'm just throwing this out here. It might be useful, i know i could've used it. I learned the hard way.
Some opinions on this would be nice.

By the way i would happen to be Kyrie IC.
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