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::[Public Service Announcement]::

Although Relsqui created this community, and I obviously do not have any control of what happens with the community, I thought it would be appropriate to make a post of the guidelines of this community as it is being used more often.

This is an OOC fan group of Cosrin players. Since it is <OUTSIDE of Cosrin, anything posted cannot be used against any person's IC persona. Barring extreme vulgarity (which, by the way, will be dealt with by this community's members, and NOT Cosrin's staff). In the (already seen) instance that another player is offended, the members of this community maintain their rights to post whatever it is that they wish to post, this is not In-game harassment, and so long as the posts here do not ever enter Cosrin, there is no infringement of Cosrin's rules. No persons and/or characters may be held responsible in Cosrin for what is posted here. This is a free, OOC environment and is not subject to Cosrin's (more-often-than-not) dictatorial rulings.

The general rules (for members) of this community is as follows.

  • Keep all posts related to Cosrin.
  • Keep vulgarity to a minimum (when possible, and even then, still try to maintain decency)
  • Keep all posts strictly OOC, this is not Cosrin, this is a discussion medium for Cosrin, while not in Cosrin.
  • Any and all material posted here is to remain here.
  • Have fun.

    That's all. If this post was wholly unnecessary, then I apologize.

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