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So anyway...

I've logged into cosrin maybe three or 4 times in the past 6 months...and I've noticed a distinct difference to what it used to be. Is it just because it's been so long, or is there really a difference?

I mean, I notice so many people I don't know, and I see a distinct lack of roleplay, even more so than what I saw before I 'left'. I know that there are a couple things going on, like the Raistlyn/Clio thing, but mostly what I see is hunt, hunt, hunt. Frankly, I have no interest in hunting anymore. It just seems trivial to spend my time sitting at the computer pressing macro buttons (you know e;;w;;e;;w and t;;cast soul leech...not the illegal macro thingys) when I could be trying to involve myself in some play-acting instead.

I did notice some good, though...I've seen than many older players have come back, and that's wonderful. Delphi, Ninny are two I've noticed...any other older players back that I haven't seen?

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