blessed_bless (blessed_bless) wrote in legendsofcosrin,

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Opinions wanted

Hiyas, I play Bless in Cosrin and have been in game for about 3 1/2 years now. I try to RP more than hunting simply because I like it more and frankly I am not much good at hunting. My question which I would like to throw out to those of you that know me is this. What do you think of Bless? Does he RP well? Does he stay in character or change too often? Any information you can give will be appreciated. What could he do to add to the game more than he does? I have several other chars that I have tried to use but like Bless the most and think I will dedicate to him only now. And just so you know I have other chars higher than him but for some reason I am hooked on Bless so I wish to make the most of him that I can. Again thanks for any insight.

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