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Help Build Cosrin Academy!

For those who miss the advertisement posters floating around, they point to this post:


A poster in florid handwriting is tacked up to the wall here.

Do you remember your first day in the Lands? For those of you who have lived many lives, your true first day. Wouldn't it have been nice to have real people, not stonefaced tutors, to show you the lay of the land and help you find your path through it?

How are you now, after all this time? Have all your questions been answered? Is there nothing left to learn, or are there still secrets in this world for you to strive towards?

And perhaps you'd like to share your expertise with others.

This is an open invitation to all of Cosrin to help create the land's first public school. Courses will be taught for people of all levels and areas of experience, from basic survival to the fine arts. Take up a new subject of study, advance your current knowledge, or give something back to the community by sharing your wisdom as an instructor. All are welcome who have something to learn or something to teach.

This is my vision of Cosrin Academy, but there are a few hurdles to jump before it becomes a reality.

I'm looking for a minimum of seven people who are interested in becoming formal teachers, students, or scholars (both). Although anyone can audit a class for a trivial fee or teach one as a guest instructor, formal members will have automatic free enrollment in any course at the Academy as well as full use of the school's facilities (access to the library, gardens, etc.). Enrollment at Cosrin Academy is not expected to be a permanent clan choice; interested prospective students are encouraged to join for a while and move on after completing a short course of study.

Two sketches are side-by-side in the middle of the poster; one shows a squat, round building with a few trees around it, and the other depicts a tall, layered edifice with a rooftop garden.

Here are two artist's renderings of what the school building could look like, based on my tentative floorplans.

The one on the left represents the bare minimum of possibility--it is what will be built if I raise the two million gold necessary to cover fees and materials. It has one lecture hall, a small common area, and a minimum of administrative space.

The building on the right is the school where I'd like to teach. It has a large lecture hall as well as a few smaller classrooms, a study area for students, a library, garden and horticultural nursery, and private offices for faculty to meet with students and each other.

Will the simple school, the great one, or one even grander be built? That depends on you. If you support the idea of Cosrin Academy, make a donation towards its construction. All donors of even a few coins will be acknowledged in the inscription by the entryway. If you want to help but can't afford a donation of gold, give some time by agreeing to teach or spread the word.

Cosrin Academy is a big dream. Help make it come true--for yourself, for your peers, and for future generations.

Contact Relsqui for information or donations.

An additional note is scribbled on the bottom of the poster in Relsqui's barely legible handwriting.

The physical location of Cosrin Academy has not yet been determined. It is meant to be accessible to people of both cities, but would benefit from the protection of their walls. Perhaps which town's citizens show the most interest (or generosity) will determine where the school is built.
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