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Elfers does random funny things.

Elfers [51] Shouts *shakes, rattles, and stumbles to his
place in the market*
Elfers [51] Shouts *unpacks the cane polish, and begins
to work on his cane*
Elfers [51] Shouts *spies something out of the corner of
his eye...*
Elfers [51] Shouts ...
Elfers [51] Shouts *that poor cat*
Elfers [51] Shouts ...
Elfers [51] Shouts *spies the cat slinking around*
Elfers [51] Shouts Here, kitty, kitty, kitty...
Osian [29] Shouts RUN! Run while there's still time!
Ruuuuuuunnnn!! **Osian**
Elfers [51] Shouts *the cat looks furtively around, and
spying no escape, attempts to recede into the depths
like Osian's ego...*
Elfers [51] Shouts *unforutnetly, in trying to do so,
becomes highly visible, like Tracer's ego...*
Elfers [51] Shouts Aha.... *grabs the kitty*
Osian [29] Shouts ......that poor cat. **Osian**
Elfers [51] Shouts *the cat, frantically seeking help,
extends its claws..... on metal....*
Elfers [51] Shouts *the cat notes that the shiny hard
stuff has NO grip whatsoever, jus like Diablos' grip on reality*
Elfers [51] Shouts *the cat meows plantively* dere dere
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Killua and Gon Kissu

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Brass is no longer AFK
Brass says 'Hello Theta'
Brass says 'Look look'
Theta says 'Hello.'
Baraek is no longer AFK
Brass HOLDs a Theta action figure with new improved bunch of grapes
You blink your eyes.
Theta says 'Thats interesting.'

Baraek grins at Brass.
You grin at Brass.
You taste salt on the air.
Brass says 'Yep, the old man in the sw taught me'
Brass says 'I have lots now'

Brass HOLDs a Onimacus action figure with new improved healing touch

Brass HOLDs a Flodge action figure with special edition shadow creature pet

Brass HOLDs a Theta action figure with new improved bunch of grapes

Brass HOLDs a Baraek action figure with new improved poison arrow bow

Brass HOLDs a Cynthor action figure with special edition Keg of Bliss

Brass HOLDs a Nearis action figure with new improved burnt bucket

Brass HOLDs a Bunyon action figure with special edition golden donut

Theta says 'Wow...'
Brass HOLDs a Osian action figure with special edition shimmering white rose

Baraek nods towards you.
Brass HOLDs a Arlinn action figure with classic red mithril armor

Theta says 'Oh my..'
Baraek says 'Mind-boggling. '
Theta asks 'Where do you keep all those?'

Brass HOLDs a Hein action figure with new sunshine yellow rose

Brass HOLDs a Colourman action figure with new brown monk robes

Brass HOLDs a Ironknight action figure with pegasus mount

Brass HOLDs a Hetix action figure with silver mage's guild ring

Brass says 'And more to come'

You tell Brass 'boy did YOU get bored!! Roffle!'
[12:05:07 PM]Brass Tells you: 'Yep :noddles:'
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Elizzy says I have to post this here too. So...some of you have to see it twice.

Clans rules! Why you ask? Because she brought me to see my new clan hall ^_^ Why is this so exciting? Because I put hella time and effort into writing and putting it together...a YEAR ago.

I am happy ^_^

There, Elizzy, are you satisfied? *g*
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misc - penguin me

Ack! And this was supposed to be posted several hours ago.

. . . but I put it in my own journal by mistake.

Here's an ascii map I just finished for public use. Don't expect it's very useful, though . . .

By popular request, I'm attempting to determine average gold amounts as well.

Update: a lot of time, note-taking, and unnecessary bloodshed has determined that the gold amounts are random, and no critter always drops more than any other.
misc - penguin me

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So I've been playing Cosrin, what . . . going on six years now, I think (on and off), and I JUST a few minutes ago completed my first map of cats1. Go me! ^_^v

I wish I'd started it about four squares higher and ten further to the left, though. It would've fit neatly onto one page. Now it's one page, plus another overlapping on one side, with the other side of it ripped off and used to fill in a couple pieces at the bottom. And it's not taped together yet, rofl. But it's DONE and it will be online as soon as I can get it there.
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I'm playing a goddamn level five shaman--who just died at about 48%--trying to do some healing at the Shrine. And freaking Tracer is sitting there getting everyone who walks in on the first or second spell. Argh! Jerk.
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